A test I commonly use with clients includes looking at their gut health, a full panel showing the good bacterial makeup, possible bad bacteria, dysbiosis, fungal infections, parasitic infections and immune activity. Knowing the gut makes up 80% of your immune system, addressing any infections or imbalances can be the key to achieving health and finding answers. Other tests available include discovering your vitamin and nutrient levels, and if they are actively used inside your cells; knowing your unique genetics and if you may have pre-dispositions or areas of weakness that need to be supported; and learning your hormone levels, not only your cortisol and stress hormones but how they are actually being metabolized in your body, as well as your estrogen and its metabolites, your testosterone, DHEA and melatonin.

Even just these 3 comprehensive tests, when paired with your history, symptoms, and personal experiences, can provide mind-blowing insight into how your body is operating and what you need to do to bring it to a place of peak functioning. That’s because the focus is on YOU. It’s not about trying to give you a label, it’s not about waiting for things to get bad enough for serious or irreversible repair, it’s about helping you now. There is a wide range of functional tests available depending on your need, including thyroid testing, leaky gut testing, organic acid testing, heavy metals or oxidative stress.

I encourage you to look more into an approach of supporting your health with your future and quality in mind. Because it is not about just living a long life, but living a vibrant life.