There are two reasons as to why you could be experiencing symptoms of autoimmunity, but still feel like your problems are not being addressed. One issue is stage 2 on the Autoimmune spectrum called Autoimmune reactivity. This is when you have unexplained symptoms but your immune system has not damaged enough of your body to be labeled as a disease and then given a medication.

Autoimmune Disease

That leads us to the second issue, Autoimmune Disease. This is when enough body destruction has occurred to warrant a proper diagnosis by mainstream care.


So whether you are dealing with Silent Autoimmunity, Autoimmune reactivity, or Autoimmune Disease our goal is always to address your health as a whole, meet you where you are at wherever you are on the autoimmune spectrum and find the true cause of the issues and symptoms you are having.


While mainstream medicine has to wait until you are sick enough to diagnose you with a disease to prescribe medication, Functional Medicine can take action now on your health.

Solutions For Autoimmunity

In Functional Medicine we do not want to wait until you are too sick and some damage is not reversible. We want to address these issues before progression has taken place.

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